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Quick overview of On Tour Logistics 

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Our services allow you to move your gear safely and on point whether it's one road case across town or to another country, a one-truck production run or a multi-truck tour. 


  • RoadLTL/Dedicated/Hotshot/Production/Touring
  • AirDomestic/International/Charter 
  • Ocean
  • Rail
  • Tour Bus Charter
We currently have over 100 OTL drivers in company equipment, uniformed in show black and trained to handle all types of production gear for the entertainment industry. 
These are some of the very best drivers in the industry, and they make us shine!
Our 53' OTL trailers are also specialized and equipped specifically for the touring and entertainment industry.
  • Vertical logistic post every 16" and floor to ceiling. 
  • Six LED lights for night load-in/load-out.
  • Twelve 4500# straps (more if needed).
  • Eight 5000# solid load bars.
  • One 16' x 36" loading ramp stored under trailer. 

 Available upon request (no additional charge) 

  • 53' OTL trailer with side door for merch
  • 30'/40' trailers with horizontal etrac and liftgate for short runs as in production or shorts
  • Additional 16' loading ramp
  • 6'x36" dance floor ramps
  • Shelving
  • Plywood for merch attic.
  • Additional straps and load bars. 



On Tour Logistics owns trucks, tractors and other tools used for ground shipping. That means every aspect of moving your gear—from initial logistics to unloading at the venue—is faster and easier than what other carriers can offer. We even partnered with Oracle®, the industry leader in transportation technology, to ensure we could plan and manage your shipping needs with every bit of strength and efficiency available.


Need some space between you and your gear? Whether you have a season off before you hit the road again or an extra week in the middle of touring, simply tell us the dates and we’ll keep your gear safe and sound in one of On Tour Logistics' high-security warehouses. Then, when you’re ready to see it again, we’ll get it right back to you.

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