On Tour Logistics driver opportunities available for Truckload drivers

To keep our team growing, we’re continuously looking for ways to create innovative solutions for our customers that also provide opportunities for our associates. A great example of that is On Tour Logistics (OTL), our specialized service focused on the concert and special events markets.

Since its launch in 2012, OTL has grown rapidly, bringing more opportunities to our team. Just like our traditional transportation services, with OTL, tour promoters can make just one call to cover all of the transportation for their equipment and gear.

As our reputation for outstanding service continues to grow on the concert tour circuit, so do opportunities for our associates! Our OTL team works with our Truckload leadership to identify Truckload drivers who excel in performance excellence and have a desire to commit to multi-week runs.

If a driver qualifies, then he or she can be selected to attend an OTL training class. In this course, OTL drivers learn various elements of touring and entertainment production procedures, such as backstage terminology, loading, securement and blind-side radio-controlled backing.

OTL has two types of loads for which we need drivers: production and tours.

Production runs are one-time moves that can be one-ways or round-trips, which could include layovers.  On production runs, drivers get their current rate of pay, plus stops and other accessorial pay.

Tours could be for 10 days or up to 10 months – it just depends what the customer needs.  Drivers on tours are typically placed on a weekly salary that is pro-rated on partial weeks. While on a tour, most of the driving is done at night after a show is over and the staging is torn down and loaded. Drivers selected for a tour receive a special OTL uniform package.

To be considered for an OTL position there are several requirements Truckload drivers must meet:

  • Positive referral from your fleet manager.
  • Passport for tours in Canada. (Averitt will reimburse once selected for OTL if drivers do not already have.)
  • Commitment to stay out months at a time.  Tour managers do not like drivers changing in and out of tours.  Once you are selected, drivers must be committed.
  • Ability to be flexible.  In this industry, customers change delivery times and even book tours and production loads at the last minute.
  • Ability to follow directions and communicate clearly with your fleet manager and/or the lead driver.
  • Completion of flatbed certification and hazmat endorsement.
  • Must be a team player and work well with others.
  • Good backing skills. Some venues will have unique arrangements for unloading, so having good backing skills is a must.
  • Commitment to professional image. Making sure our trucks and trailers are presentable makes a lasting impression in this industry.
  • Minimum of 10 safety points.
  • Agreement to swap to the OTL fleet manager.
  • Commitment to be paired with a team driver in rare instances for up to 14 days.
  • Having a smartphone. Much of our communication with drivers is via email, so having a smart phone is highly suggested.
  • Ability and willingness to work the gear in the trailer. Drivers will be required to assist in loading and unloading the trailer. Drivers will have to be able to call the pack and properly secure it with load bars and straps.
  • Agreement that the rate of pay remains the same when running truckload freight.
  • Willingness to occasionally assist with weekend loads. OTL production loads often load/unload over the weekends.  Be prepared to stay out occasionally, when not on a tour, to help cover these loads.
  • 3 months experience with Averitt, 1 year total OTR experience.


If you meet the above criteria and you are interested in an OTL driving position, please contact Jennifer at with your:

  • Name
  • Domicile
  • Fleet Manager
  • Driver Number
  • Cell Phone

Not currently driving with Averitt, apply for open driving positions.

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